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with remote tech teams

Through our platform, you can hire developers, UX/UI designers, product & project managers, DevOps, and others

Skipp is a human cloud platform to help you find the best tech team

  • 4000+ of the best-qualified tech talents
  • Developers from leading global companies (Google, Booking, Kaspersky, etc.)

Skip the biggest remote
work challenge

How to find a verified remote talent quickly? 🤔
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How to match remote and in-office developers, designers, and managers to form a great team? 🙀
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How to raise high performance during the new reality?😩
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Speed up with Skipp

Our platform provides the biggest pool of remote talent in Europe
Skipp is a big trend for developers from Russia and Europe
IT teams already working remotely and the cost for remote developers is 30‑40% less
The fastest way to hire remote developers and ready developers in five days

Our Team Profiles

Developers representing 35+ technologies
UX/UI designers
English-speaking product & project managers
Ready-to-work candidates

70 active clients

Leave your contacts and skip your hiring problems

Hire Tech Talents

Our Matching Accuracy

The technology that allows us to attain high matching accuracy
Conversion rate from interview to hire

Skipp: A Human Cloud Platform

Key Features

Recruitment process within the platform (via a database of 4,000 developers)
The platform matches customers with developers
Development performance managed by the platform
Technology to foster optimal matching

Our Founders

CEO Skipp
Alex Odin
Co-founder, ex-CTO & CPO Lingualeo winner TNW Russian Startup Award for 2013
CCO Skipp
Alexander Dolgov
ex-Commercial office at Skyeng, the #1 edtech company in Europe, ex-McKinsey

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