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Gabriel S.
Team Leader
Previously at
Lucas H.
Senior Backend Developer
Previously at
Anastasia A.
UX/UI Designer
Previously at
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Remote team performance management

Customer Success Manager

Your dedicated CSM will launch the project and work with you to manage your Skipp team with weekly 1:1's to ensure effectiveness and productivity.

Real time performance dashboard

Use the platform to manage performance health by tracking JIRA, Git, Slack, Customer NPS and feedback.

Global payroll & compliance platform

Monthly subscription for tech talent in 90+ countries

Scale your team up and down just like your cloud infrastructure and only pay for what you use. You only need to make one payment and we take care of the rest.

Legal and IP protection

Skipp protects you from risk by taking ownership of legal responsibilities while ensuring you retain the intellectual property.

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Decentralized loyalty platform 🇺🇸

Two-Up Digital

Two-Up is a disruptive design and development agency for the betting and gaming industry 🇬🇧


Coaching app for Yoga at home 🇺🇸

Level Up Basket

The ultimate basketball training app 🇺🇸
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NPS index of our customers 87%

100+ satisfied customers
Ankit Patel 🇺🇸
CEO and Founder of Motus
Skipp has been a huge help, and we love working with them. We are really impressed with the experience, skills and execution style. We are really happy with the work they are doing.
Mike Sorgenfrei 🇺🇸
CEO and Co-Founder of Encore
Skipp has done some great work for us, they continue to knock out work. The team has fit right in and were able to pick up the work quite quickly. We are happy with progress thus far, and expect good things going forward. Work has been progressing nicely.
Mobile app
Danny Davies 🇺🇸
Head of Key Accounts at Two-Up
I just wanted to reach out again to thank Skipp for the services provided. Everyone is really happy with the level of work and delivery and I imagine we'll look to utilise your services again in the near future.
Mobile app
Nik Fillipov 🇬🇧
Сo-Founder and CPO of Anna Money
All is well. The guys are good. They do everything quickly, listen to feedback and suggestions, offer ideas, and give feedback on our thoughts if asked.
“Skipp is changing the world of work”
“Skipp has developed an automated platform for hiring IT professionals”
“#1 ranked HR tech start up in 2021”
“Menlo Park start up raises $3m”
“5 star rating, 600+ upvotes on Product Hunt”

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