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Tired of...

Long job searches

Tedious scrolling on job-boards
Lack of opportunities and understanding of how to join global brands such as Google, Microsoft, Global Startups, etc
Wanting to find a product that will motivate, drive and give a sense of purpose

Endless interviews

Constant interviews and tech checks
Every interview feels like a confrontation that doesn't yield any results
Unprofessional interviewers who have no idea what you're talking about

Redundant, unchallenging projects

Dull and monotonous projects
Lack of proper planning and constantly rushed deadlines
Impossible workloads

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New York
Full – Stack Developer
React / NestJS
3 500$ / Month
Unity Developer
3 000$ / Month
Sao Paolo
Middle Salesforce Developer
B2C Commerce API
2 500$ / Month
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Global Job Offers

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Single Tech Check

No more endless screens and tech checks. We do a one-time tech check that will be valid for all your prospective jobs.

Focus on your career
and not on specific task

You'll never be bored. You'll grow professionally by taking on new challenges. This will boost your skills and open new career paths for you.

Work-life balance

Life should not be limited by work. You control your schedule and workload to always make time for hobbies, family and friends.

People choose Skipp

Carlos de Blas
Python  developer
Thanks to Skipp I was able to participate in great projects and get impressive results for clients. It’s a unique experience which allows you to choose from a variety of options  and products you can work on and bring the maximum value!
José Alberto Facchin
Product Owner
After almost 10 years of experience in digital sphere, I’m sure that the most important thing is to have passion towards the project you are working on. Skipp allows me to work on the most interesting cases which I can choose according to my professional profile.
Josep Gonzalez Cano
PHP developer
The most important thing to me is possibility to work on projects which I find really interesting! That’s why I’m glad to form part of Skipp family since it opens to me new challenges and outstanding cases.
Alberto Sanz
Js developer
We’ve been living in the new reality for two years already and flexibility became one of the most important aspects in remote job. With Sipp I can effectively plan my schedule and work on great projects!
Ofeliya Apresyan
Project manager
The main advantage of working with Skipp is that I can work for several IT startups instead of just one and still have full control over my schedule. I can decide which project I choose and which challenge triggers me the most. In that sense Skipp opens huge professional opportunities.

Your questions,

What kind of dev jobs does Skipp offer?
Skipp offers a wide range of dev jobs, including full-stack development, front-end, and back-end development, mobile app development, and various specialized roles such as data science, QA, CTO, product managers, machine learning experts, and more.
How does Skipp ensure quality dev talent?
Skipp has a rigorous vetting process that includes a tech check, which assesses the technical skills and expertise of software developers. Our evaluation process ensures that only the best talent is matched with our clients.
How do you comply with international law while hiring remote workers?
Skipp stays up-to-date with international laws and regulations regarding remote work. We handle all compliance matters, including taxes, and labor laws, ensuring a seamless experience for both talents and clients.
Can I work remotely from anywhere in the world?
Yes, Skipp's platform focuses on remote work opportunities, allowing software developers to work from anywhere with a stable internet connection. Our goal is to help talents find the perfect work-life balance, regardless of their location.
Are there any opportunities in San Francisco or other specific locations?
Our primary focus is on remote work, so you can be based anywhere, including San Francisco. And we have clients in San Francisco as well. You can explore our job listings to find the right fit for your preferred location and role.
How does the Skipp program help my career growth?
The Skipp program connects you with top global brands and exciting projects that align with your career goals. As you work on diverse, challenging projects, you'll grow professionally, gain new skills, and open up new career paths.
How can I get started with Skipp?
To get started, simply create an account on our platform and complete your profile. Once your profile is complete, you can apply for jobs that match your skills and preferences. Our automated job-matching platform will then help you connect with the right opportunities.

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