Summary of the Case Study: Level Up Basket

Eugene Lisovskiy, a serial entrepreneur, launched Level Up Basket in January 2020 in New York. His app aimed to help 450 million basketball players worldwide improve their skills through gamification, coaching, and community. Rapid product development led to growth among consumers, clubs, and businesses. However, Eugene struggled with the speed and scale of development and needed a strong technical partner to help him release stable versions every month and have an efficient management process.

Key Takeaways from Level Up Basket's Experience:

Identify the Challenge

Eugene needed to build a technical team quickly to take Level Up Basket to the next level. He had a plan for expansion and didn't want to spend months searching the internet, filtering resumes, and vetting skills. He needed people to join the business as soon as possible.

Partner with a Talent Provider

Eugene collaborated with Skipp's Talent Team to build a profile of what Level Up Basket needed. They designed a team structure led by a Project Manager and included two mobile developers responsible for Flutter development and one backend engineer experienced in ASP.NET and C#. This allowed for quick onboarding and seamless integration with Level Up Basket's core development team.

Establish a Clear Hybrid Development Process

Skipp's team worked with Level Up Basket core team to create a backlog of tasks to solve immediately. The challenging part was to streamline communications between new team and core team members. We've solved by deciding in the very beginning which channels we use for communications, what is the sync process, reviews process, commitments process etc.

The team planned two-week sprints, a demo of their work, and monthly stable releases. This approach helped deliver new functions like 'scoring machine,' 'sharing results with mates,' and 'cool onboarding' within a short timeframe.

Use a Modern Tech Stack

Using a modern tech stack in development process with remote developers is important as it allows for better collaboration, faster development, and easier maintenance, resulting in a more efficient and productive development process. It also attracts top talent and ensures compatibility with the latest industry trends and technologies.

The development team used cutting-edge technologies such as:

  • Flutter
  • C#
  • Angular
  • Bootstrap4
  • AI

Measure the Results

With Skipp's team on board, Level Up Basket grew at lightspeed. The app now provides a beautiful interface and powerful tools for individual coaches, clubs, academies, clinics, camps, and leagues It features hundreds of basketball drills and workouts created by professional coaches to help players level up their game.

The Level Up Basket case study illustrates how startup founders can overcome challenges in scaling software development by partnering with a talent provider like Skipp. The collaboration resulted in rapid growth and impressive results for Level Up Basket. You can also streamline the development processes and achieve similar success by partnering with Skipp.