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The hardest part of your project is finding the right people. Talent-as-a-Service Skipp sources, vets and manages
the world's top remote software developers, UX/UI designers, product & project managers, DevOps
so you don't have to.
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10,000+ ready to work vetted specialists

The best matching talent for your needs from around the world
Traditional markets have become too competitive and the world now understands the value of distributed working

What do you get with Skipp?

Vetted talents

Skipp’s talent team conducts a comprehensive search, selection and approval process on candidates to provide you with a true understanding of their profile across technical skills, language skills, experience, etc. You’ll skip the most time consuming part of the recruitment process just by logging on.

Hiring in one click

Our platform takes your set of requirements and finds the best match from across the Skippers in our talent pool. We’ve automated the processes to enable you to begin working together, so you can start right away.

Real time effectivity tracking

With a distributed team, you need a clear view of how the team is engaging and performing. Our analytics cover the key metrics on everything from volume of code shipped to customer satisfaction score, providing clarity for decision making and planning.

Simplified international payments

Working with distributed teams opens up new opportunities and creates some new challenges. Making international payments and currency exchange transactions can be expensive and time consuming. We’ve made it easy by building the processes so that you only need to make one payment.

Global compliance and legal protection

As the world has embraced remote working and distributed teams, one of the biggest challenges is compliance with worker legislation in the various countries. Skipp protects you from risk by taking ownership of these legal responsibilities while ensuring you retain the intellectual property.

NPS index of our customers 87%

Alex Nowak
Product Manager at Conundrum
Together with Skipp, we have assembled two teams with unique competencies in machine learning and computer vision for our indusrial processes.
Anatoly Scherbakov
Founder and CEO of Magic Kids
We hired 6 developers, a technical leader and a UX designer from Skipp’s pool professionals to our united team. The team helped us make the MVP of our mobile application for teaching English using augmented reality.
John Glevsky
Product manager at Alucoin
With guys from Skipp we have developed a platform based on distributed ledger technologies that allows transactions with light and heavy metals. The stack we used in the project is golang, node,js, blockchain, postgresql, reat.
And 600+ satisfied customers

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10,000+ specialists from middle to senior levels
Hire tech talent
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