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It's an exciting day at Skipp!

We're launching a brand-new series, "Hidden Gems of Remote Developers," that aims to shed light on some of the brightest, yet often overlooked, stars in the tech industry.

We believe in the power of undiscovered talent - professionals who possess remarkable skills and potential but may not have had their moment in the spotlight yet. Our mission at Skipp is not only to connect businesses with well-known developers but also to uncover these underestimated tech talents, these 'hidden gems'.

Schedule of Series

Every week, we will share short profiles of three such talents in our "Hidden Gems of Remote Developers" series. We handpick these professionals for their exceptional skills, innovative thinking, and commitment to their craft. They represent a broad range of expertise, from AI and machine learning to full-stack development and beyond.

For instance, in our inaugural edition, we showcased three amazing AI/ML experts from around the globe. Each of these developers is a testament to the depth of talent that exists in the remote work landscape.

How the Hidden Gems Series Can Benefit You

By subscribing to this series, you'll have a chance to connect with these exceptional developers, and possibly find the perfect fit for your next big project. Whether you're a startup seeking a new team member or an established business looking to innovate, our Hidden Gems can provide the fresh perspective and expertise you need.

Furthermore, this series provides an opportunity for these talented individuals to shine, inspiring others in the industry and demonstrating the incredible value that remote developers can bring to the table.

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